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Natural stone products are often used in high-traffic environments and are therefore subject to daily wear and tear. Stone Essentials™ helps make maintenance safe and easy. Not only will our products leave stone, tile, and quartz looking clean and beautiful; our superior chemistries will reinforce treated stone’s stain defense with every application. SHOP

You put a lot of time and thought into selecting the perfect natural stone. Stone Essentials™ helps protect that considerable financial (and emotional) investment. Our products are designed to shield stone, tile, and quartz surfaces from unsightly stains. Our cutting-edge chemistries are high performing, safe, and easy to use, providing peace of mind for years to come. SHOP

While natural stone is exceedingly durable, years of service may leave surfaces in need of restoration. Stone Essentials™ can return stone, tile, and quartz surfaces to their original beauty and functioning condition. Our exclusive, cutting-edge chemistries are high performing and will restore most stone surfaces to like-new condition. SHOP

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Glass cleaners dull and pit your stone countertops. Stone Essentials Daily Cleaner cleans and protects them. Learn more about treating your stone counters right.